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Grades:  K -8

We offer this fast growing sport to kids who wish to learn about the sport without the contact aspect, we continue to offer the Flag rec program.  Kids will enjoy weekend-only games against other teams within the program, but with a more competitive element as we introduce scoring, record keeping and referees. 

Practices:  None
Games:  Saturday or Sunday mornings (depending on grade)
Boys & Girls welcome


2nd Grade Only

Ridgewood Junior Football is one of the first programs in the area to proactively address and focus on player development and safety, through our Intro to Tackle program offered to  2nd graders.  This unique drills based, non-competitive and non-contact program allows kids to ease in to tackle football. The goals of this program are to teach proper blocking and tackling techniques on dummies, gradually introduce equipment so kids have more time to become comfortable in it, and ensure a deeper level of understanding of all positions, with the main focus being on safety and fun.

Practices:  1 90-minute weekday clinic (likely Tuesday).
Games:  None


Grade(s):  3 - 8

Pee-Wees - 3rd/4th Grade
In 3rd grade kids begin an exciting transition in to Travel Tackle Football through our Pee-Wees program.  There are no cuts and all participate in play.  Games are played against other Pee-Wee programs in neighboring towns and, for the first time, we record scores and wins/losses.  There are a specific set of rules to maximize safety & game flow for our newest football players.

Juniors - 5th/6th Grade
After Pee-Wees, our young athletes progress to the Juniors program.  Like the Pee-Wees, this program continues its focus on safety and the fundamentals of the game.  Players will learn more advanced elements of the game, begin to find the right positions for them and competition increases.

Seniors  - 7th/8th Grade
In this final program level, coaches will focus on rounding out the development of each maturing athlete, capitalizing on their strengths and giving them opportunities to focus on positions in which they show greatest interest and ability.  Athletes will complete this program with a strong understanding of the game and how to most safely play it.

Practice(s):  3x per week.  Coaches schedule though GroupSpot.
Games(s):  Weekends

*NEW* Girls Flag Football League

Grade(s):  3 - 8

Flag football is one of the nations fastest growing sports with woman's leagues emerging at both the High School and Collegiate levels around the country watch video .  To support this nationwide movement, RJFA has launched a  new girls league beginning Spring 2024 and a 4-day Mini-Camp this summer. 

Register on our Registration page.

** All tackle and flag coaches are safety certified. **

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